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Monday August 31st 2015


Pervasive vulnerabilities

This presentation will highlight research exploring the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of adolescent girls and boys [Read More]

‘The Walking Dead’

As shown in recent documentaries like The Walking Dead, the zombie apocalypse has become a major public health concern. [Read More]

Rifle reports and the Warren Report

This date marks the 50th anniversary of that dark day when John Kennedy was gunned down on the streets of Dallas. The [Read More]

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Review of gender roles in American sitcoms

Whether America has realized President Herbert Hoover’s 20th-century vision of a “chicken in every pot,” there is a television in nearly every home. Powerful and [Read More]


Real dialogue needed on rape

Rather than superficially reprimanding Republican Missouri Rep. and Senate candidate Todd [Read More]

Oh, pluck it

A friend once called me and, before I had a chance to say hello, asked rapidly, “What [Read More]

On demons and doctors

American sportswriter Red Smith once said, “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is [Read More]


‘Escape Fire’

Join the Center for Public Health Media and Research, the Alpha Eta and Delta Omega honor societies, and Armstrong’s chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement for [Read More]


Scientology as case study

Though in many ways still shrouded in secrecy, Scientology could be said to be one of the [Read More]

Friedan, feminism and fun

Coming soon ... a look back at Betty Friedan’s classic text that launched Second Wave [Read More]

Authors sign book in blood

Horror authors Christopher Leppek and Emanuel “Mani” Isler never thought “chaos” [Read More]


The elusive but useful epidemic

The elusive but useful epidemic

When it comes to many of today’s epidemics, perhaps, as FDR warned during the height of the Great Depression, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” This is the message epidemiologist Philip Alcabes examines in his recent book, Dread: How Fear and Fantasy [Read More]

Hope, history and hype

Hope, history and hype

The Democrats touted their 2008 gathering in Denver as “a convention of firsts,” with its live high-definition [Read More]

Convening for change

Convening for change

This November change is the only option, say the Georgia Democrats, who promise they can’t—and won’t—finish what [Read More]

Critical care

Critical care

Four hours before DNC Chairman Howard Deans banged the gavel and began the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, [Read More]

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